In the Asset Manager you will find facilities to share your assets with suppliers. Subsequently they will be able to accept/reject assignments on specific objects, and will, according to their user rights on the AM, update your asset information according to the assigned task. Once the task is finished, the access to the object will be removed.
We have different partners in various areas; Collection/Repossession of object, transportation, technical evaluation, value taxation, storage, description and condition registration in AM, delivery to buyers etc.


Logpartner Danmark (DK)

+45 7070 7480

FinnMaskin (NO)

Tel: +47 93 92 60 00



ProMotor Nord (NO)

Tel: +47 93 04 27 75


Logistik Partner Sverige (SE)

Tel: +46 (0) 70 638 77 67

Logistikk Partner Norge (NO)

Tel: +47 93 28 03 99


SvenskMaskinprovning (SE)

                                                      Nurminen Logistics (FI)

                                                          Tel: +358 400 960 291