Integrated Cooperative Solutions is a company which, through a network of qualified partners and suppliers, developdeliver and operate systems and solutions to optimize Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) for large public and private sector companies. These are businesses operating in branches such as construction, rental, public utilities, municipalities, transport, industry and finance.

ICS will, through its network actively contribute to the customers/partners added value through:

  • Reputation Control
  • Corporate Control
  • Client Control
  • Increased profitability through innovation and Initiatives within ALM and ALM tools


The network is based on the following items:

  • Establishment of common standards and requirements for participants in the network
  • Establishment of appropriate procedures and documentation for solutions
  • Quality assurance and control of established standards and requirements
  • The development, implementation, support and operation of systems and solutions


ICS' role is to facilitate the creation of the necessary standards and requirements for participants in the network together with the partners and at the same time exercise the necessary control and quality assurance of these. It is then ICS' responsibility, based on needs and requirements from the network to select and ensure the quality of the preferred suppliers and partners. At the same time ICS will deliver the necessary systems, solutions and procedures required to establish the best practices of ALM. The establishment of the necessary agreements between ICS and all other network operators should enforce and regulate the network model.